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Life is always a battle between tyrants who make and enforce laws to help them become richer and stronger and ordinary folks who just want to live quiet lives in good health and in peace. Tyrants can be obvious and hugely powerful, Henry VIII against England; European governments who enslaved generations of Africans. Or they can be individuals wearing uniforms of United States county institutions, like local police forces. After the witch hunts of the 1950s, when anyone labeled a communist or communist-sympathizer lost livelihoods, and occasionally lives, concerned citizens started to question the role of the FBI in daily life. Making governments and government institutions accountable. That is what peaceful citizens must do. Here are some stories.
Seeking Care When Necessary
SJ Dodgson MJoTA 2020 vol15 p0106

I was born to two UK-trained physicians, who told me to "stay away from doctors unless absolutely necessary". Which is great advice for anyone who knows what "absolutely necessary" means.

In 1992 I had my first mammagram in NJ at 40, and lumps were found, which explained the occasional pain that appeared when I was 36 and pregnant with my third son.

My general physician told me "if she were me" she would get a biopsy, and so should I. Looking statistically at my chances of getting breast cancer and deciding they were around zero, I said no, I will come back for another mammagram in 6 months, and again in another 6 months. I did. At the same time I went to a dentist in Germany who told me I needed three teeth pulled out because of infection. I went to another dentist in Germany who drilled into my gum and removed the infection, saving my three teeth. The third mammagram showed no change, so on my 42nd birthday, in the high Black Forest, I conceived my daughter, with all of my and her body parts intact. My daughter is a magnificent American-German-British adult, who would not be here if I had not been able to resist nonsense from trained professionals who were recommending treatments that would increase their own wealth, and benefit me in no way at all.

So the question is: how do you know what is absolutely necessary? When I fell in a ditch in Zambia and heard a loud crack, I knew immediately that I needed medical care immediately. Wonderful Zambians came from everywhere, lifted me out of the ditch and away from the road, young women fetched water and washed my feet while I waited for members of GWRAZ to come and take me to hospital. Thanks to expert care by health professionals in Zambia, and in the US, I was x-rayed, plastered, filled with titanium, and now generally walk five to ten miles a day. So that did not take a lot of thought about needing help. And, I cannot thank the Affordable Care Act enough.

Knowledge is power, the more you understand your body and how it works and reacts, the better you are able to make decisions about your own care. Get yourself vaccinated against everything; if blood is coming out of any part of you when it should not, seek medical help. If you have trouble breathing, or eliminating waste, seek medical care. If you are suddenly in massive pain, seek emergency care. Some things are obvious, and greatly depend on whether you can get the care when you need it.

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