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Jailed in South Africa. 20 Congolese: 16 are security guards, one is a chef, and one is the son of the late assassinated president of Congo, President Laurent Kabila click here

South African police scammed and kidnapped 20 Congolese on Feb 4, 2013, clapped them into jail after bringing in BBC, CNN to record police accusers grinning and saying they got 'em! For crimes the police made up.

The men were locked up in Pretoria Central Prison. Stickers were on their cell doors saying they have all been given life sentences.

On Sep 21, 2014, they had been in jail 593 days with half in solitary confinement. One of them spoke from Pretoria Central Prison.

Read his comments and answers to questions on this page. Click on links to read previously published stories.

Pretoria Central Prison: Hello prof susana,i am one of 20 Congolese in jail in South Africa, accused 19.

MJoTA: What can you tell me to publish?

Pretoria Central Prison: Right now nothing maybe tomorrow because I have to talk to others.

MJoTA: when are you going to court next?

Pretoria Central Prison: We are normally gonna go on 13 Oct, but on 25 I mean next week, Kazongo have to go alone

MJoTA: are you all still together? are the guards treating you well?

Pretoria Central Prison: Yes we still together but the separate the floor, on top floor we are 10 and we are fine,on other floor they 9 and they. Are not fine they lock them 23hours

MJoTA: Has Kabila been moved to Capetown?

Pretoria Central Prison: No is here with us. Is one of those who is locked 23h in the single cell

MJoTA: oh dear. who has gone? you were 20. what do you want people to know about what is going on?

Pretoria Central Prison: No is here with one of those who is locked 23h in the single cell

MJoTA: What happened to Kazongo?

Pretoria Central Prison: Nothing has happened, their just say there is one witness who gonna come from America so his going to testify about Kazongo only not all group.

MJoTA: I will publish this tonight. Can I use your name?

Pretoria Central Prison: Yes you can use it. Eric Z Mubuto.

MJoTA: Thanks. You know I think about you all every day.

Pretoria Central Prison: Okay thanks, but I think before December we gonna know our position.

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Pretoria Central Prison: Prof I want people to know about this; My name is Eric Zabinga Mubuto one of 20 Congolese abducted on Feb 4, 2013 and highly publicized after 24 hours by South African Police.

We were portrait as Terrorist and Rebel, not only that we were kidnapped and nationally also internationally humiliated by the same South African thugs police,in the same token those thugs gave us bad rap with their prison authorities, in order to torture us physically and morally.

Nowhere in the World I have seen or heard an accused being sentenced to life before he can actually stand for Trial, only in South Africa we were sentenced to life the day we were incarcerated on Feb 7, 2013 a year and half before our trial, you might be wondering how is it? yes on Feb 7, 2013 when we were taken to prison, we have already noticed in our single cell door a sticker with each one of us names, in each respectively door, our names, our prison numbers length of sentence.

All of us length of sentence says Life. I think our case was very exceptional to the rule of law

In South Africa, I just wanted to tell the whole world that our arrest was preposterous fabricated,   scripted and played by South African Police thugs, who worked for illicit interest economic gain to satisfy some individual to achieve their hidden agenda

The way we are being mistreated and abused seems like we were some junta's private prisoners;we are being mistreated worse than murderer and rapist.

Let's emphasize more on our gangster Police, Lt col Noel Zeeman 23 years in intelligent police force,Col Johan Jensen Vanvureen 23 years in intelligent police service, Col Francois Daniel conradea aka Joe Bressler 28 years in intelligence police service, Nicholas aka Nic or Mr A 5years in South African police.

These are the Master minders of our Arrest and principal witness in for the state for our trial and yet these Morons are incapable to demonstrate any crime that we were committed, but we were falsely and wrongly accused for Foreign Military assistance, Terrorism, Rebels, Mercenary. They can't even tell you what what are the neighboring countries of DRC, one would say on witness stand its Cameroon, Gabon.... Under the oath they would tell you Zaire and DRC are different country, that's the level of intelligence in South African Police.

Judge Billy Monthle asked them if they were an agreement between the accused and you the Police that elaborate a planning of Coup d'etat, they respond No, we were just trying to arrest them. That arrest on Feb 4, 2013.

Was actually kidnapping. No difference between Boko Haram kidnapping innocent little girls and South African Police kidnapping 19 Congolese.

They went far as to castigate and libeled us on international Media. Google for instance South African police report about 19 Congolese. All those police who played major role in fabrication for our arrest are high rank officers colonel in South Africa police with 79 years of Experiences combine, doesn't this bogus coup d'etat accusation discredit their intelligent service. I know South African people are not intelligent enough in term of Education, but colonel in South African police can be as stupid as Noel Zeeman,Van Vuuren, Conraed, Nicholas; Is there any Zulu, Indians, tshivenda, xitsonga, Xhosa colonel in South African police? Only Afrikaans.

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