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Meeting for Worship

in the

Religious Society of Friends, aka Quakers

Wednesday Meeting for Worship

Friends from the Monthly Meeting of the Friends of Philadelphia

Gather in Philadelphia where the American Revolution started, and where cool heads wrote the Constitution of the United States of America. In pre-pandemic, we met at the 4th and Arch Street meeting house, which was built over a Revolutionary War graveyard (very likely I have relatives who were buried there); currently we meet by Zoom, and you are invited.

You are invited to join us from 5.30 pm Eastern time (US & Canada) each Wednesday. We greet each other, talk about concerns and joys until 6:00 pm when we sit quietly in unprogrammed worship for 30 minutes or longer if someone gives a message, says a prayer, sings a song. The message must come from the heart and be be brief, and be understood to fit in with the prayerfulness of the meeting; we have a chance to turn it into a discussion after the meeting is broken by the host saying "Good evening". All are welcome to give messages that come from the light of God that lives inside us all. Only one, we listen in silence and do not respond verbally. If you have something to say that does not seem to you to be an inspired message, you will be invited to share it at the rise of meeting for worship.

Send message to SJ Dodgson (scroll down for contact information) if you would like to join us on a Wednesday. All are invited, and warmly welcomed.