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Humanity index

Saudi Arabia: war against humanity click here.
Religionism, humanity index, poverwalmartization. SJ Dodgson MJoTA 2015 v9n1 p0501

Building on word-inventing that a Dodgson relative was good at (my Dodgson line was richer: my ancestor started the English stock market, his was an Anglican bishop):

- Religionism: using the name of a religion to oppress, steal and murder. Others used this word before me. The evil it defines needs to be understood as a real threat to us all.

- Humanity index: how close you are morally to having your accountability equal to your body temperature (I am a physiologist)

- Povertization: A large company, for example Walmart, coming into a community, demanding tax breaks and community resources, opening shops that cause small businesses paying living wages to close down, house values decrease, foreclosures increase, and Walmart employees get paid poverty wages. Walmart owns ships and planes. They started in Arkansas.

Philadelphia police show humanity during the Martin Luther King jr Day peaceful protest click here
So many different ways of calling for peace. Cartoonists draw. Writers write. Charlie Hebdo is an equal opportunity offender, calling on everything they see that disrupts peace. They often get it wrong, but they try. The Paris murderers had a Humanity Index of slightly higher than absolute zero, they spared some, although not enough click here
Humanity Index. SJ Dodgson. MJoTA v8n2 p1221

I am preparing a humanity index based on absolute zero,  −273.15Celsius.

From absolute -273.15 to zero: all murderers, but some have a little humanity, a little guilt, a small ability to love.
From 0C to 38.6C: humans who do not kill, will not kill, and do try.
If you get a 38.6C, you are truly human and may even die showing it.

Above 38.6C: that is for the angels.

Who is at -273.15C, who has not a pixel of humanity in them? The Peshawar murderers who created a diversion, climbed over a 14 feet high fence, and machine-gunned to death 140 humans, mostly little kids hiding under desks, in bushes.

Who is at 38.6C? Probably people we know, who feed the hungry, work at jobs that help us all, I know they are all around us. My God bless them and their work forever.

Supposing you have never taken up a gun in anger or in a cold-blooded desire to stop a human from breathing. But suppose your actions lead to deaths of adults and children from hunger, from disease, from war? Then you are in the sub-zero range.

Citizens, police officers, soldiers who murder unarmed citizens have subzero humanity indices. Don't give me this crap that they did it because the victims are xxxxxx (fill in the blanks). They did it because they are cold-blooded murderers and need to be put away and educated. But not executed: that makes us all murderers. An example of this was made into a documentary, "Hate Crimes in the Heartland" click here..